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(Credit: Dick Thomas Johnson)


Will Smith looks back at the "abysmal" sci-fi movie 'After Earth'

Hollywood star and controversial Oscars slap culprit, Will Smith, has admitted that his “heart shattered” when his son Jaden asked to be emancipated at the age of 15.

After the 2013 M. Night Shyamalan movie After Earth, starring the father and son duo, bombed at the box office and was the recipient of commercial hatred, Jaden was forced to endure a bombardment of media hatred. In his new memoir, titled Will, the actor describes the film as “an abysmal box office and critical failure” before adding: “And what was worse was that Jaden took the hit”. 

Set in a distant future, the film itself follows Kitai (Jaden) and his father Cypher (Will), who crash land on a post-apocalyptic version of earth where the young Kitai must navigate the world and search for help alone. 

“Fans and the press were absolutely vicious; they said and printed things about Jaden that I refuse to repeat,” Will Smith further outlined about the film’s negative coverage, adding: “Jaden had faithfully done everything that I’d instructed him to do, and I had coached him into the worst public mauling he’d ever experienced”. 

Rarely discussing their time together on the film, the actor went on to state that his son felt “betrayed,” losing trust in his father’s “leadership”. Continuing, he explained, “At 15 years old, when Jaden asked about being an emancipated minor, my heart shattered…He ultimately decided against it, but it sucks to feel like you’ve hurt your kids”. 

Take a look at the trailer for the forgettable 2013 sci-fi picture below.