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(Credit: Liam Evans / Press)


Will Joseph Cook shares new single 'Bop'

Will Joseph Cook - 'Bop'

English indie pop upstart Will Joseph Cook has dropped the latest single from his upcoming album Every Single Thing, the candy-coated track ‘Bop’.

Calling your song ‘Bop’ is already asking for trouble: if the music doesn’t deliver on the title’s promise, you’re in deep shit. ‘Bop’ isn’t a bad song by any stretch – it’s got some infectious hooks, driving rhythms, and a summery kind of feeling to it. It’s catchy and light and entertaining, but is it a bop? I’m not sure if I would call it that. It’s more of a fast and fleeting pop track that evaporates in your memory the second that it ends.

“I actually started this as a super short track I wrote for a fan on TikTok,” Cook explains in a statement. “I had people comment their name for a song and this one happened to be for someone called Ariel, which gave me the opening few lines.”

“They were stuck in my head for weeks so I had to finish the song,” Cook continues. “‘BOP’ emerged as this flirty track full of bravado and nervous energy. There’s also a lot of lines expressing how baffling and awkward the idea of true love was when I was younger. It was interesting writing a song from the perspective of a teenage me talking to a girl at a house party.“

“I thought it would be fun to play with the title of the track. Producer Simon Versace is in desperate need of a ‘BIG BOP’ to save his career and I’m the artist that finally delivers,” Cook concludes. “[The video] was inspired by 1980s disco videos, these almost awkward studio sessions where reserved producers or music industry folk watch over the musician’s performance.”

‘Bop’ might be stuck somewhere between a tongue-in-cheek track and a push for a legitimate hit, but it winds up coming short of the more adventurous ‘Little Miss’ and ‘4AM’. Cook leans hard into the immediate payoff of light pop, but the-acknowledged silliness of ‘Bop’ doesn’t elevate it above the hundreds of other decently catchy singles in the music ether right now. Instead, it just swims around in the same shallow pool. That’s fine, but Cook is talented enough to do better.

Check out the video for ‘Bop’ down below. Every Single Thing is set for a June 10th release.