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(Credit: Will Joseph Cook)


Will Joseph Cook shares new single ‘4AM’

Joseph Cook - ‘4AM’

Will Joseph Cook has released his first new material of the year in the shape of his latest single ‘4AM’. 

The new track begins slow, atmospheric and brooding with a hollow drum beat accompanied with gentle saxophone and soft poetic lyrics that gradually develop into something powerful and emphatic with the addition of guitar layers approaching the middle of the track.

The feel to the instrumental side of the music captures the narrative explored in the lyrics as he makes a late-night call to his lover. The track is a slow burner but definitely pays off with its range of tempos and insightful texturing. The song marks a change in pace from Cook’s previous material in a welcomed development in his young career that appears to boast a higher level of maturity. 

As described by Cook: “Conceptually ‘4AM’ is this really overly poetic voicemail for someone you love. A rush of emotions you want to share but there’s no one up to hear them. I had initially written the verse as an acapella and then at home one night I built up the big instrumental chorus. It wasn’t until I was actually recording some new music in Mexico that the track fully came to life. I was literally wide awake at 4 am sending voice notes and those feelings gave me the rest of the song. I recorded so many sounds of the city from my apartment window that night – they’re all buried under the instruments.”

He continued: “We shot the video in Andalusia, Spain. The landscapes there are so beautiful and varied that you can capture so many different vibes across an hour’s drive. I actually did almost all the location scouting on google earth, trying to find little hidden gems. There was this mountain helicopter pad existing right next to the ruins of a 1700s mansion house, a towering pastel coloured factory facing a beautiful beach/ocean view – so many interesting places. The song is a bit of an emotional whiplash and has this duality to it, all the spots we filmed in felt like that to me.”

The 24-year-old indie prodigy seems to have full command of a so-far very successful songwriting process that appears to sponge influence from his heroes, from older singer-songwriters like Neil Young to modern indie outfits like Phoenix and Vampire Weekend

To date, Cook boasts over 120 million streams worldwide since the emphatic drop of his sophomore album Something To Feel Good About in 2020 and is on his way to seemingly higher heights with the scent of a new album hopefully just around the corner.

Stream the new official music video for ‘4AM’ below.