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Credit: Liam Evans


Will Joseph Cook has an infectious groove on 'Be Around Me'

Will Joseph Cook - 'Be Around Me'

Everything’s a bit serious these days, huh? It means when opportunities to lose yourself in a song and dance your tippy-toes across your bedroom floor while belting out the hookiest chorus in years, you better take them. Here then we present you our Track of the Day, Will Joseph Cook’s infectious bop ‘Be Around Me’.

The song not only arrives as the sonic interpretation of a brand new love but as a taster of his upcoming new album Something to Feel Good About which arrives in November. It’s an album that is generating a lot of excitement, in part because people are so desperate for the title’s very description. Cook provides a double-dose of indie-pop goodness on this one.

There’s nothing wrong with a dancefloor filler. It’s a trope of music that has been sorely missing from the rock ‘n’ roll scene for a while. So desperate have bands been to get away from the image of ’00s indie that the art of writing a proper pop banger has been sorely lacking. Luckily, Will Joseph Cook is coming in hot with ‘Be Around Me’, a song so glimmering in lose-yourself-singing-out-loud-with-headphones-on joy that it’s born for a 30 person sing-a-long as soon as we can.

Such an engaging tempo that lifts you from the seat from the very beginning is delicately poised and it fits the song’s composition as Cook shares in a statement, “The song is about those moments when you’re teetering on the edge of falling for someone, the transition between playing it cool and showing vulnerability. I wanted it to be flirty but still have these bouts of nervous energy jumping out.”

If that was the target then he’s hit the bullseye because the track feels like a first dance with your new fling all burning passion, playful glances underpinned by the likelihood of treading on each other’s toes. “The initial spark for the tune came from a craving to write something really pacey. So I cranked the BPM to 165 which very literally gave it this really frenetic flow. Basically for me, it sounds like how falling for someone feels.”

The track also comes with an effortlessly cool video from Bertie Gilbert, the acclaimed YouTuber. Gilbert says of their work together: “I was immediately struck by how loose, how earnest these new songs were. It’s all coming from a very singular, very human place. In the spirit of this album being such a departure for Will, I wanted the video to reflect that. Let’s get outside, see the world as it zooms past us. Let’s celebrate it. How wonderful and isolating and dizzying new love can be. He’s grown his hair out, he’s rocking a new moustache, he’s singing more explicitly about love in real time. The video had to honour this new direction, it had to be free, kinetic and fun.

“It was a blast collaborating with Will on this, I feel our sensibilities align in a number of ways. I’m known for putting a homemade spin on a lot of my work, so when this called for a softer vibe overall, it just made sense.”

With the new album, the follow-up to 2017’s Sweet Dreamer, arriving in November and with recently released title track ‘Something To Feel Good About’ and ‘Driverless Cars’ already showing us what Cook is up to, the new one just adds yet another reason to be chomping at the bit for this record.

Aside from any album or notion of brightening up a nation with his summery sounds, ‘Be Around Me’ is just a bloody good pop song. The kind of song that can lift the soles of your feet and, within a few shuffles, change your entire day.