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The reason why Noel Gallagher dislikes the music of Taylor Swift

Former Oasis mastermind Noel Gallagher is well known for his propensity to throw barbs in the direction of all manner of figures across the wide spectrum of music. Whether it be Arctic Monkeys, One Direction, or his own brother, Gallagher has delivered some stinging takes over the years, taking the mantle from music’s other most eminent critic, Keith Richards.

While seemingly no one is safe from Gallagher’s verbal scattergun, it is clear that there’s one demographic of musicians who are his quarry: contemporary pop stars. The Burnage native has been highly critical of many of the biggest pop stars of our time, taking particular issue with the quality of their artistry. However, there’s one who has been in the firing line a couple of times: Taylor Swift.

Gallagher has blurted out his not-so-subtle opinion on the country singer turned pop star on a couple of occasions, and it’s remarkable that he hasn’t felt the backlash that poor Blur frontman Damon Albarn did during the closing stages of January this year. 

During an interview with Rolling Stone in 2015, Gallagher made his thoughts about the ‘Love Story’ singer clear and was critical of those who praise her songwriting abilities. The former Oasis man was told that Swift is known for her songwriting talents, and that was something he took issue with. He said: “Who says that? Her parents…name these people. You’re f**king lying. She seems like a nice girl but no one has ever said those words, and you f**king know it.”

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The comments were left to fester for a while before he brought Swift up again during a 2020 appearance on Matt Morgan’s podcast, Funny How?. This time, though, it wasn’t just Swift that he had in his sights. It was Ed Sheeran too. In short, he labelled the pair “s***”.

Gallagher said: “The biggest-selling acts are s***, whereas when I was growing up, the biggest-selling acts were the best acts. The biggest band in the world was usually the best band in the world”, he said. “Now the biggest things in the world if f***ing Taylor Swift? What? F*** off.”

Expanding on his point, Gallagher looked back with nostalgia on the lack of “proper rock stars” in the modern era. He posited: “There’ll never be another David Bowie, there’ll never be another Marc Bolan, there’ll never be another Freddie Mercury, proper rock stars.”

I semi agree with Gallagher. Swift and Sheeran are brilliant songwriters in their own right, and no one can take that away from them. However, they’ve got nothing on the rockstars of old, and no one can doubt this. Times may have moved on, but the likes of Swift and Sheeran leave a lot to be desired when it comes to charisma.

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