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Ringo Starr's favourite Taylor Swift song


Ringo Starr and Taylor Swift are household names that pretty much everybody knows, even though they might not usually be a part of the same conversation…yet.

Ringo Starr is most widely known for being the drummer of The Beatles, but he’s also made a wide array of accomplishments on top of his time in the foundational rock band. He released 20 studio albums after the breakup of The Beatles, the last of which came out only a few years ago in 2019. Like his other Beatles counterpart Paul McCartney, Starr was knighted—although his came a bit later, in 2018, right before the release of his last album.

A highly competent and respected musician, one might imagine that his tastes are discerning and close to his own style, and while that might sometimes be the case, you might also be surprised to learn about some of his tastes.

While some of Ringo Starr’s favourite choices include the likes of Bob Dylan and Little Richard, another artist has made her way into his good graces, and it’s none other than America’s sweetheart, Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift began her career as a young country music star from Pennsylvania, but she has blossomed into a pop icon, seamlessly transitioning between eras and musical aesthetics with ease. Her sharp tongue and songwriting skill is enough to garner the respect and attention of her contemporaries, and it’s really no wonder why Starr would take a liking to her, considering the many “eras” she has to choose from.

Many Swift fans even take this conversation in stride, often debating and discussing which Taylor “era” is the best, or which is their favourite. As it would seem, Ringo Starr has an opinion of his own. He loves the classic Taylor era, more specifically, the Fearless album. 

When asked directly about his opinion of Taylor Swift, he said, “Taylor Swift. I love Taylor Swift, that’s just how I am,” Starr goes on. “I love her.”

As for his favourite song on the Fearless album, one of the most iconic singles prevails. ‘You Belong With Me’ is Ringo Starr’s favourite Taylor Swift song. It goes to show that even with the subsequent years and all the music she has produced, her early days still hold a special place in the hearts of many, including one of the greatest rock stars in history.

If you want to jam out like Ringo Starr, you can take a listen to Taylor Swift’s iconic early single, ‘You Belong With Me’ down below.