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Why Liam Gallagher "couldn't handle" meeting Ringo Starr


When Oasis made their swaggering arrival, it didn’t take long before The Beatles comparisons started to arrive. They both came from the North West, and the Mancunians were unapologetic in the influence that the Fab Four had not on just their output. The Liverpudlians infected their sound, attitude, image, and just about everything else in between.

Eventually, their paths would cross with the band’s surviving members, although The Beatles were less than complimentary about the new whippersnappers on the scene. Both George Harrison and Paul McCartney criticised Oasis. However, Ringo Starr was never unkind, and his son, Zac, would eventually become their drummer.

During a documentary about the Gallagher brothers’ rock revival, Harrison harshly said: “The music lacks depth, and the singer Liam is a pain, the rest of the band don’t need him”. Meanwhile, McCartney popped up to say: “They’re derivative and they think too much of themselves. They mean nothing to me.”

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Thankfully, over the decades that have passed, Oasis buried their feud with everybody involved, apart from George Harrison, who died in 2001. McCartney told GQ in 2016, “Oasis were young, fresh and writing good tunes. I thought the biggest mistake they made was when they said ‘We’re going to be bigger than The Beatles’. I thought ‘So many people have said that, and it’s the kiss of death.'”

However, clearly, Macca’s previous comments about the band had continued to irk their memory, as whenever they met the Beatle, Oasis never showed him the same level of love as they had for Ringo. Their first encounter with McCartney was a memorable experience and one that even made Liam Gallagher starstruck: “He was the only man to ever walk into an Oasis dressing room and get a standing ovation,” Noel Gallagher revealed about the surreal meeting. “We said, ‘What are you doing in London?’. And he said, ‘I’ve come to the Chelsea Flower Show'”.

The guitarist continued, “He’s going, ‘Do you ever go to the Chelsea Flower Show? You should go and just see the flowers’. At first, they thought that Ringo was playing a practical joke on them, but after speaking at length about flowers, they finally realised that he was being deadly serious.

One person in the room who couldn’t handle Ringo talking about flowers was Liam Gallagher, who had to leave after he got “freaked out”. It’s the only musician he’s ever met that’s made him feel that way, and Liam was in complete awe of his presence. “The person I couldn’t handle meeting one day, I had to leave the room with, was Ringo Starr,” the former Oasis frontman shared during an appearance on the This Must Be The Gig podcast in 2019.

“Paul McCartney I was alright with, but Ringo Starr I actually got off. I don’t know, Ringo just freaked me out,” he continued. “I was like, ‘Fucking Ringo man!’ His voice and everything, it was just like, I thought I was tripping. Even his name, ‘Ringo’ was just fucking mindblowing.”

It’s easy to understand how Liam became overwhelmed after spending time in the vicinity of a Beatle. Yet, it’s almost too on-brand that the one thing that he found “fucking mindblowing” was Ringo’s name rather than him talking incessantly about what he had seen that day at the Chelsea Flower Show. No wonder the frontman thought he was tripping.