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(Credit: Hollie Fernando)


Wet Leg release new remix of 'Too Late Now'

Wet Leg - 'Too Late Now'

The Wet Leg hype machine has officially died down a little bit. Indie rock’s most anticipated debut LP of 2022 came and went with major success and pretty sterling reviews. There are plenty of people still bumping to the sounds of the Isle of Wight duo, including quite a few who are shelling out to see the band as they prepare to open for everyone from Harry Styles to Florence + the Machine in the upcoming months.

If you’re looking for a fresh take on the band’s relatively small discography, there’s good news. Today, the British group have teamed up with another prominent musical outfit, Belgian electronica forerunners Soulwax, on a remix to the band’s single ‘Too Late Now’.

The Soulwax version of the track is a “remix” in the same way that changing the pots, parts, neck, and paint job on a guitar is “refurbishing”. The only recognisable element of the original version of the song is Rhian Teasdale’s vocals, which are chopped up, pitch modulated, and transformed within an entirely new composition.

There’s some debate as to how heavily a remix should mess with the original song. Soulwax clearly wanted to put their own stamp on ‘Too Late Now’, so much so that they basically made it into a different song. If you like the bass-heavy guitar rock of the original track and are allergic to blippy club rhythms, then this remix is almost certainly not for you.

But for the rest of us who have heard ‘Too Late Now’ about a thousand times since it was first released back at the tail end of 2021, the Soulwax remix offers some much-needed new takes on the well-established sound of Wet Leg. Grungy indie rock clubs and ecstasy-laden dancehalls can occasionally come together for some healthy crossover, even if the remix doesn’t quite compare to the original.

Check out the visualiser for ‘Too Late Now (Soulwax Remix)’ down below.