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(Credit: Wet Leg / Press)


Watch Wet Leg’s “phenomenal” performance of ‘Too Late Now’ on James Corden

Isle of Wight indie group, Wet Leg, played an emphatic performance on James Corden’s Late Late Show this week as they exhibited their 2021 track, ‘Too Late Now’.

The band are preparing to release their heavily anticipated debut album next week, and have recently showcased ‘Chaise Longue’ on Late Night With Seth Meyers and The Tonight Show, before heading to see James Corden on Wednesday (March 31st).

Wet Leg were introduced to the stage, with Corden describing the duo as “phenomenal”. Shortly after, Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers began to play the slow-building track, amid yells of support from the crowd.

After the slow introduction, the tempo switches as Teasdale, chants, “Now everything is going wrong / I think I changed my mind again” before the beat drops and the song storms ahead.

In a recent interview, Teasdale described how she likes to use humour in her lyrics. “I always try to dilute serious things with humour, I think,” Teasdale said. “So it only feels natural that if there’s a bit of humour in there, that would attach itself to something that’s maybe a bit sad. I will always try and make light of things.”

In an interview last year, they revealed their ambitions to be recognised for their guitar abilities. “We want to be recognised as guitar heroes, as it doesn’t hurt to win sometimes,” Teasdale said. “But also, you just have no control over these things as music is so subjective, and we’re not ultra-competitive people…”

Chambers added: “Even on a practical level it’s been a challenge; I’ve struggled with asking for what I want in my monitors and coping with the size of the crowds that have come to see us. But that’s OK. We’re always learning.”

The band’s self-titled debut will arrive on April 8th via Domino. They are set to embark on a UK headline tour. Tickets are available here.

Watch Wet Leg’s performance from Wednesday night below.