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(Credit: Olivia Rodrigo)


Watch the new video for Olivia Rodrigo song 'Brutal'

Popstar du jour, Olivia Rodrigo, has shared a new, angsty video for her song ‘brutal’. The song is a pastiche of the turn of the millennium pop-rock, and it fits that the music video should also give the nod back to the days where pop culture was in its supremacy. The track features on her debut album, Sour, which was released in May to widespread acclaim. 

Weirdly, the song’s main riff has drawn many accusations of plagiarism for it sounding like Elvis Costello’s 1978 classic, ‘Pump It Up’. Costello doesn’t seem to mind though: “This is fine by me … It’s how rock and roll works. You take the broken pieces of another thrill and make a brand new toy. That’s what I did.”

The ‘Brutal’ video was directed by Canadian director Petra Collins and takes some of its inspiration from the classic 1995 comedy, Clueless. It features scenes where Rodrigo breaks her ankle whilst doing ballet, and other hilarious scenes where she has a meltdown on Instagram Live. The video also features cameo appearances from actors Lukas Gage and Nico Hiraga as well as model Salem Mitchell.

Following what clearly is her aesthetic modus operandi, of blending the ’90s/’00s with now, the video begins in a video game-like setting, where the audience is shown different characters all played by Rodrigo, and you are asked to choose your player.

“Had the best time ever making this,” Rodrigo wrote on Instagram yesterday (August 23). The post explained: “So so so grateful for Petra Collins, who constantly inspires me and who directed this video so incredibly. Hope you guys love the vid and all my teen angst lol.”

Earlier this month, Avril Lavigne added her opinion to the vast discourse surrounding Rodrigo. In Variety Lavigne said of the former Disney star: “I think it’s important for people like Olivia to give an honest voice to so many young women who are still discovering themselves.”  The ‘Complicated’ star continued: “Her songs are her truth, and you can really feel that. You can tell it’s real by the way all of her fans grab onto every single word she says.”