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(Credit: Portugal. The Man)


Watch Portugal. The Man perform new single on 'Ellen'

Portugal. The Man appeared on the set of The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Wednesday, April 27th, performing as the musical guest of the night. The indie-pop rock band performed their most recent single ‘What, Me Worry?’, using this as an opportunity to showcase their raw, harder-edged approach to playing music. The performance was notably short on pyrotechnics and polish, instead, it favoured the more traditional form of attack and rollicking rock workouts.

The band state it’s their modus operandi and mission statement to get people dancing to political music again, sensing that pop music has become too clean for their tastes. In an interview with The Independent, the band said that they felt that modern-day audiences expect too little from their rock stars, while past bands made it their mission to “weird” out their fans.

“I think Taylor’s whole thing is to not take risks,” Portugal. The Man admitted. “Alternative rock used to be too weird for radio so it had to become its own thing. Now it’s got its own division at every label: it’s two guitars, bass and drums, verse, chorus, verse, chorus, bridge chorus out. It’s so safe. It became a mouthpiece for songs about girls.”

Portugal. The Man formed from the ashes of Anatomy of A Ghost, an emo outfit that was part Oregon, part Alaska, as John Gourley founded Portugal. The Man as a side project to play synths and electronic beats to. The outfit snowballed into something grander, and the finished results wound up in a debut album entitled Waiter: ‘You Vultures’.

This led to a back catalogue of material that culminated in the most recent ‘What, Me Worry?’ The band created a backlog of material that was largely based on their resolve to create a new form of indie rock, one that revered their values more than others.

Portugal. The Man have an album coming out in the coming months, but it remains untitled as of the time of print. Instead, it is the single that is proving their main pathway into live performances and gives them the chance to play to a live audience.