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Moog synths ask customers to protest Donald Trump


Iconic and pioneering synthesizer manufacturer Moog has asked its customers to protest new tariff regulations imposed by Donald Trump.

The company, who are based in North Carolina, United States, has followed the likes of Harley Davidson and General Motors into action against Trump. The Trump administration have now imposed new tariffs on steel and other products that are imported. The tariffs will see an additional 25% increase on electronic components and tech equipment imported from China.

“These tariffs will immediately and drastically increase the cost of building our instruments and have the very real potential of forcing us to lay off workers and could (in a worst case scenario) require us to move some, if not all, of our manufacturing overseas,” a letter from Moog states. “We ask that you will support us by imploring our elected officials to recognize that these tariffs are seriously harmful to American businesses like Moog.”

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