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(Credit: Alejandro Páez)


Watch Motörhead's Lemmy tear apart Donald Trump and his ilk in 1991

Lemmy Kilmister, the larger than life frontman of Motörhead was rock ‘n’ roll personified. The iconic musician lived a life full of debauchery, and aided by his tipple of choice, Jack Daniel’s whiskey, he ascended to heights that were largely unknown for people from the area of his humble beginnings, Staffordshire, England. 

It’s a testament to his work that Dave Grohl of Nirvana and Foo Fighters proclaimed: “Fuck Elvis and Keith Richards, Lemmy’s the king of rock ‘n’ roll. No one else comes close”.

Kilmister was a pioneer that helped spread the word of hard rock to the masses, unfailingly exuding charisma along the way, firming his place in the annals of history as much more than just a rockstar. His fans are so diehard that you could almost argue that he led what is known in political circles as a cult of personality. He was a cult leader, rock prophet and demi-God who achieved mythical feats that seem out of reach to ordinary laypeople such as myself. 

Why was Lou Reed on Lemmy Kilmister’s kill list?

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It has now been seven years since Kilmister departed this mortal realm, and the void left by the Motörhead leader only seems to expand with each lap around the sun. Many stories emerged about the rock titan in the wake of his death, showcasing him to be what we always knew, a bloody good bloke who retained an authenticity that other rockstars should be jealous of.   

This authenticity gave him a sharp perception. Added to this, his roots in Stoke meant that he wasn’t afraid of voicing his opinion, and over the years, he gave some brilliant hot takes. One of the most notorious he directed at the former Velvet Underground frontman, Lou Reed, who he thought had blood on his hands for the glorification of heroin. The former Hawkwind man felt that Reed was a much worse role model than he was because of his deification of the drug.

“Yeah,” Lemmy once declared, “but at least I didn’t do a Lou Reed on the kids. How many kids died because of [Velvet Underground hit] ‘Heroin’? It makes you into an evil person, heroin. It makes you into the sort of person who’ll purposely infect a kid just so they have someone to shoot up with. It’s a monstrous drug, the worst drug ever! I don’t remember anyone dying on anything else, just heroin and downers. I never saw anyone die of a heart attack from speed, and I never saw anyone die from cocaine because you couldn’t afford it!”

This wasn’t the only barb he handed out over the years, and one of his best came all the way back in 1991 in an interview before a Motörhead show. Discussing the subject of money, what it means and what it does to people, Lemmy laid his thoughts bare whilst also digging out the puffy tangerine that would one day go on to become the President of the United States, Donald J. Trump.

Lemmy said: “I keep reading about people like Donald Trump, you know? And he’s got so much money, right, and you can’t get a smile out of the guy with a crowbar. I know a lot of millionaires, ‘coz there’s a lot of millionaires in rock ‘n’ roll, and the more money they’ve got, the more miserable they are. I don’t see the point. ‘Coz they forget about being happy, they just think about money, and that’s all they got. And that’s a sad thing to have, a pile of money and nothing else. What you gonna do? eat it? sleep with it?”

Watch Lemmy give his thoughts on Donald Trump and money below.