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(Credit: Warner Bros)


Watch Hans Zimmer play the epic 'Dune' score live


Nominated for Best Original Score and Best Sound at the 94th Academy Awards, Dune by Denis Villeneuve is well known for its technical prowess, with composer Hans Zimmer heading up a truly impressive soundtrack. 

With clattering drums, operatic vocals, and the glorious pangs of bagpipes, the world of Dune’s Arrakis comes to life thanks to Zimmer’s score, creating an atmosphere of intrigue, fear and genuine magic on a mysterious otherworld. 

The true majesty of Zimmer’s staggering score comes to life in a recent live performance put together by Warner Bros that sees the composer play the electric guitar alongside a cellist, a wildly expressive singer, and many percussionists banging overly-sized drums. 

Speaking about his experience putting the soundtrack together, Hans Zimmer recently told Vanity Fair, “You want to invite your audience on an adventure. You want to invite them on a journey. You have to do it right in the beginning”. Wanting the soundtrack to feel authentic, he added, “We are in a very ethnic sort of landscape. So there is not a lot of wood around on our planet,” Zimmer explained. “What we do have we made flutes out of, and I kept saying to Pedro Eustache, my flautist: ‘Don’t play it like a flute. Play it as if it was the wind whistling through the desert Dunes’”. 

Whilst Villeneuve will be keeping his fingers crossed for Oscars success, with the film being nominated in a total of ten categories, including Best Picture, he is also in the midst of pre-production for the sequel to his sci-fi epic. Filming will commence on Dune: Part 2 later this year with Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson, Zendaya and Javier Bardem, as well as the possibility of Austin Butler and Florence Pugh.

Hans Zimmer will be performing the soundtrack live in the UK this week at the O2 in London on March 23rd and at the AO Arena in Manchester on March 24th.