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The one science-fiction movie Zendaya “really loves”


In the wild west of contemporary Hollywood, celebrities are constantly vying for the limelight and the success it suggests. But while this battle is going on offscreen it seems as though Zendaya has strutted in to take the spot as the quickest hand and sharpest shot around. As one of the most pertinent Hollywood stars, Zendaya shot to fame with the Disney series Shake It Up in 2010 before going on to bigger and better things with roles in The Greatest Showman in 2017 and Spider-Man: No Way Home in 2021.

Whilst her role in the Marvel superhero sensation may be her most well-known film to date, her appearance in Dune by Denis Villeneuve may be her most important, particularly as the new science fiction epic is up for several Academy Awards. Up for Best Picture, Best Adapted Screenplay and Best Production Design, Dune could prove to be a surprise hit at the 2022 Oscars with Zendaya playing a major role in the film alongside fellow cast members Timothée Chalamet, Rebecca Ferguson and Oscar Isaac. 

In addition to her success on the big screen, Zendaya has also found joy as her character Rue Bennett in the TV series Euphoria which continues to be a favourite on social media. Having once been a prominent voice on social media platforms, the actor told Interview Magazine, “I’m not really active on social media like I used to be, but that’s for a reason. I love saying how I feel and speaking out about things, but I also don’t want to say that I just tweeted my life away”.

Explaining her feelings as an actor and storyteller, Zendaya further clarified, “Hopefully my ability to be a storyteller, to make those stories that I haven’t seen, to showcase different forms of Black love and the different colours of our emotional experience—that will be my speaking out”. 

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Zendaya has become a prominent figure of popular culture, with her recommendations and her comments on modern life becoming followed closely by her fans. One such recommendation came back in 2015 when Zendaya made note of one of her favourite films in Christopher Nolan’s science-fiction epic, Interstellar. 

“I have a serious obsession with Interstellar like I really love that dang movie,” the actor wrote on her Twitter, with her opinion joining many cinema lovers who were also consumed by Nolan’s fascinating sci-fi. Starring the likes of Matthew McConaughey, Anne Hathaway, Matt Damon, Michael Caine and Timothée Chalamet, the film follows a team of space explorers who travel through a wormhole to try and save humanity. 

Endlessly interested in science fiction, Nolan, who previously directed Inception starring Leonardo DiCaprio in 2010, went on to release Tenet in 2020 a peculiar time-travel action film that divided critics and audiences. His latest project, Oppenheimer is set to follow the life of scientist J. Robert Oppenheimer and his role in the creation of the atomic bomb when the film is released in 2023.