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Watch Death Cab for Cutie get destructive with new ‘Roman Candles’ video


When it comes to Roman Candles exploding is the name of the game. Thus, it is no surprise that for their single of the same name, Death cab for Cutie looked to depict that historical truth in a literal sense. 

The track sees the classic sad-indie band take on a heavier tone as blitzkriegs of distorted guitars chime in throughout. The track matches that rocking sensibility with a bit of old school destruction. 

As Ben Gibbard said of the single: “‘Roman Candles’ is about the crippling, existential dread that goes hand in hand with living in a nervous city on a dying planet. And that the only way to be in the moment is to let it all go.”

Adding: “The lyrics were cobbled from a couple of different songs dealing with my general sense of anxiety; the feeling that the fabric that weaves a functioning society together was crumbling during the pandemic.”

The video saw the band team up with Lance Bangs known for his work with other iconic acts like Sonic Youth and Nirvana. In the manner of music video masters OK GO, ‘Roman Candles’ was shot in one unfurling take. 

You can check it out below. 

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