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(Credit: Press / Danny Clinch)


Watch a fan join The Killers on stage in Falkirk


Firstly, it seems strange that The Killers have been playing Falkirk in the first place. No offence to the town but they don’t often get graced by the presence of one of the world’s biggest bands.

Secondly, it is a fantasy akin to watching your football team from the stands and the managers looks to the crowd for a substitute rather than the bench.

However, The Killers have always been a fun-loving band on stage. They epitomise the old cliche that if you look like you’re having fun then the crowd will follow suit. Now, they seem to have taken that to the next level.

28-year-old Kyle Grieve was present at the Falkirk show (June 7th) and he held up a sign asking whether he could play drums. Then frontman Brandon Flowers surprising brought attention to the sign, saying that if Grieve wanted to play drums he had to mean business.

With a pen on hand Grieve quickly flipped his sign over and announced on the back that he did indeed mean business, at which point Flowers fatefully announced: “Let him come up.”

The rest is history. Grieve proudly told the BBC: “It’s all I ever wanted to do. The Killers were my biggest influence, it’s because of them I took up the drums.

Continuing: “On Tuesday morning I had another wee practice at their songs, but I knew them all anyway. When he [Flowers] invited me up on stage, my stomach sunk, I was just thinking ‘Is this happening?’”

Grieve added: “He was shouting into the crowd asking me if I was Scottish and if I actually played. I never expected I’d end up on stage.”

Before heartwarmingly concluding: “It’s a dream come true, I’m a massive fan, I don’t even remember playing and I’ve hardly slept, it was so amazing.”

You can check out the amazing video below.

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