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(Credit: Mia Kirby)


Warpaint unveil music video for new single, 'Champion'


Los Angeles quartet Warpaint are back with a new video for their single ‘Champion’. Plucked from their forthcoming album, Radiate Like This, the new offering sees Warpaint blend complex dub-laced rhythms with rich harmonies and soaring guitar lines. The group’s first album in six years, Radiate Like This, is set to arrive on May 6th.

Warpaint made their glorious return in 2021 when they shared the single ‘Lilys’ and announced details of their headline tour across the UK and Europe later this year.

‘Champion’ has been shared alongside a celebratory new music video directed by the band. Speaking about the process of crafting the visual, bassist Jenny Lee Lindberg said: “Being apart it was a little tricky to make a video. Tt [Theresa Wayman] came up [with] some key points with camera and angles, so we had some cohesion. The motivation was to feel like a champ and deliver the goods and let your honey flag shine.”

When they first broke onto the scene in 2010, Warpaint made it clear they had no intention of writing songs about love. Over a decade later, they’re still refusing to sink into pop cliche. Opening up about ‘Champion’ earlier this year, the band explained that it was about “being a champion to oneself and for others. We are all in this together, life is too short not to strive for excellence in all that we do.”

If ‘Champion is anything to go by, Radiate Like This looks set to offer a series of self-explorative anthems set to complex grooves. In a recent interview, the band gave a rundown of the album’s subject matter. “There’s a song from my higher self to my lower self on there, and a song about not needing to have anchors to anything,” Wayman said.

The guitarist and vocalist added: “Em [Kokal] wrote a song called ‘Trouble’ that’s really cool. She’s like [sings], ‘I’m in trouble again’. It’s about always feeling like you’re doing something wrong. It reminds me of when I was young and it was Saturday morning and my mum would wake me up because she didn’t want me to sleep in and waste my day. It made me feel guilty for the rest of my life. Em also wrote a song about the band and our relationship, and trying to evolve or grow with people who you’ve known for so long.”