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(Credit: Mia Kirby)


Warpaint return with poppy new single ‘Champion’

Warpaint - 'Champion'

Warpaint have made their long-awaited return with the brand-new track ‘Champion’ and it sees them drift into a new territory with their sensibilities intact. The brew is less potent and original, but it goes down smoothly, nevertheless.

Taken from their forthcoming album, Radiant Like This, the song sways away from the darker Joy Division-like rhythm section we are used to hearing from the Los Angeles four-piece. The album cover sees a sepia-toned stratosphere with modern Pinterest-inspired simple text sparsely dotted around, it proves a good cover to judge the content by. 

Dreamier than most of their work, the song has less of a live feel and focuses more on introducing studio techniques into their unmistakable sound. The moody undertow remains, but there is more wispy cloud cover and overture than we have come to expect. That is not to say that old fans will be disappointed though, after three stunning albums evolution was inevitable and Radiant Like This could prove another masterfully atmospheric rock record.

“There’s a song from my higher self to my lower self on there, and a song about not needing to have anchors to anything,” Theresa Wayman said of the album and tracks like ‘Champion’ contained therein. With that sort of introspection in mind, the floaty feel is to be expected. The lockdown vibe is certainly in the mix of ‘Champion’ and that retrospection is still a seaside balm even if it isn’t all that viscerally refreshing as we pull away from those days. 

The record is set for release on March 6th and is currently available for pre-order. Warpaint are also set to embark on a UK and European tour beginning in Paris on May 9th. 

You can check out he hypnotic track and video below.