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(Credit: Vlure)


Vlure drop brand new song 'I Won't Run (From Love)'

Vlure - 'I Won't Run (From Love)'

Glasgow post-punk up and comers Vlure have released a brand new single with the shadowy and hypnotic ‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’.

Existing somewhere between the lines of Bauhaus and Orchestral Maneuvers in the Dark, Vlure would be straight synth-pop if lead singer Hamish Hutcheson didn’t bring a gruff cloud of goth over the proceedings. Things get dangerously dark as the second verse descends into a spoken word section that is somehow downward-facing and life-affirming at the same time.

“In order to have the wonderful people we know in our lives, we first have to learn to become vulnerable,” the band explains in a press release. “This isn’t something that is inherently natural, we are animals at our core, or have been hurt in our past”.

Adding: “If or when the time comes; instead of fighting the feeling, we stand our ground and let barriers fall, there’s something beautiful about the trust we have in one and other to allow friendships, partnerships and all other relationships flourish. It may come with age. It may come through growth. It’ll always be there, the chance of being hurt. Without that we will not truly feel alive.”

The only real bits of light come from keyboardist Alex Pearson, whose synthesiser lines and melodic backing vocals stand in stark contrast to the wallowing depths of the despair that the rest of the band seem to be working in. It’s a combination that seems constantly in danger of sounding muddled, or at the very least like a Depeche Mode rip off, but that’s where Hutcheson’s unique vocal tones bring them to their own distinctive sound.

‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’ is set to be featured on the band’s upcoming EP Euphoria. Check out the video for ‘I Won’t Run (From Love)’, plus Vlure’s upcoming tour dates, down below.

Vlure 2021 tour dates:

  • Nov 19 | The Tunnels, Aberdeen
  • Nov 20 | Mash House, Edinburgh
  • Nov 23 | Deaf Institute, Manchester
  • Nov 24 | Hare and Hounds, Birmingham
  • Nov 25 | Rough Trade, Bristol
  • Nov 26 | MOTH Club, London
  • Nov 27 | Green Door Store, Brighton
  • Nov 29 | Headrow House, Leeds
  • Dec 19 | King Tut’s, Glasgow