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(Credit: Vlure)


Vlure share new video for 'Shattered Faith'


Any video that starts with a seizure warning is going to be good.

That might not be infallible logic, but Vlure don’t disprove it with their great new video for ‘Shattered Faith’, the band’s debut single.

Like the band itself, the video for ‘Shattered Faith’ is dark, moody, brooding, and alluring, if your idea of a romantic evening involves gothic architecture, bondage gear, and being shouted at in a thick Glaswegian brogue.

Speaking of the song, the band said in a press release: “At it’s crux, ‘Shattered Faith’ is about self-empowerment. It’s the disillusionment with where you are and what you’ve been given. It’s lying on your kitchen floor at 3am realising who you truly are and finding power in that – it’s a new lease of life. We believe that, if you want to find it, there is something for everyone in this song.”

Vlure are one of the band’s keeping post-punk’s dance floor dreams alive. Somewhere, very faintly, you can almost hear Bernard Sumner shedding a tear of appreciation.

The video perfectly matches the aesthetics of the band. Speaking of the visuals in the video, the band said: “The surrounding weathered but stoic landscape lends itself fully to the track. To get the sunrise shots in the woods we arose early for a 6am shoot under the foggy darkness. A sobering experience. The story itself is about running from your inner demons, it’s a response to strife, to desire and life. Shout to Ophidian the snake for being sound and not flying for us.”

The seizure warning, while well appreciated, shouldn’t be taken too seriously, by the way. There are some strobe light effects while the band performs, but unless you have extreme photosensitivity to such things, I doubt it’ll be enough to send anyone into uncontrollable convulsions on the floor. But you never know…

See for yourself and check out the video for ‘Shattered Faith’ below.