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(Credit: VEN)


VEN shares new single 'Burning Away'

VEN - 'Burning Away'

Circa Waves frontman Kieran Shudall has shared a new five-song EP from his solo project VEN and is now promoting one of the cuts ‘Burning Away’ with a brand new video.

“VEN EP is a collection of feelings. five tracks to become enveloped in. I hope all the hours I’ve put in can give you 15 minutes of escapism,” explains Shudall about the new EP. “It’s led by a love of production and making sounds that excite my ears. That combined with the most honest lyrics I can muster it feels like I’m not just releasing an EP but I’m removing a heavy weight off my shoulders.”

Thanks for putting your weight on us, bud. ‘Burning Away’ is a fairly lightweight track. VEN is a pretty lightweight EP. There’s something to be said for an artist consciously creating and crafting a record’s sound so that all the pieces fit together and contain a similar mood and feeling. And then there’s an artist whose every song sounds the same. Every song on VEN sounds the same. It’s soulful bedroom pop with a slightly different beat but the same vocal tics, same production style, same uninspired instrumentation. There’s nothing on VEN that you haven’t heard before.

Last time I talked about LEN I wished Shudall all the success in the world. And I still do. But I also talked a decent amount about Shudall’s day job in Circa Waves and even found time to bring up Canadian pop duo LEN. That should not inspire good feelings about how captivated I was listening to the music on LEN VEN. Take from this what you will, but I am taking away very little.

I’m slightly worried that the 5.1 rating will make it seem like I think this music is actively bad, sort of like how detailed two-star ratings are worse than tossed off one-star ratings. It’s not: it’s just actively mediocre. But then I remember that this EP went in one ear and out the other without leaving any kind of impression on my brain, so I stop worrying. Maybe I should worry if there are any passionate Kieran Shudall fans who’ll want a word or two with me in a back alley after reading this. Now there’s something to worry about.

Check out the video for ‘Burning Away’ down below. The VEN EP is available now.

VEN tracklisting

  1. H8 Lovin
  2. Sorry
  3. hey bro
  4. Burning Away
  5. Girl in Blue