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(Credit: VEN)


Circa Waves frontman shares solo material as VEN


Circa Waves have been supplying high-quality indie rock for about a decade now. They’re a reliable, highly melodic, if not terribly inspired rock and roll group who have put out several dozen perfectly fine slices of alt-rock that sound great at full volume. In this modern day, it is no small success to be a professional full-time indie rock band and still pay your rent, so I’m happy that Circa Waves have been able to experience and maintain the success that they have had.

But was mid-tier success in a fickle music industry enough for frontman Kieran Shudall? Hell no! That’s why the singer has decided to forge his own path and release new music under the moniker VEN. The first taste of the project comes in the form of the new song ‘Sorry’.

I’ll be honest, I originally read the name as LEN, as in the Canadian brother-sister duo from the very late-1990s who are only well known for the unkillable summer smash ‘Steal My Sunshine’. Whether that positively or negatively affected my appreciation for ‘Sorry’ is unknown at the moment, but now I can’t stop thinking about it every time I look at the name.

The result… sounds a decent amount like Circa Waves. Certainly a little more electronic and synthesized than the sunny lad rock of his day job, but Shudall’s voice is the predominant hook of both projects, so the lines get understandably blurry. Would ‘Sorry’ have worked as a Circa Waves song? Probably, with a few guitar lines replacing the synths that sound like laser beams. Does it particularly matter what name Shudall releases his material under? Probably not. He has his fans who will find his work and appreciate it under any moniker. I might not be a major one, but it all sounds pleasant enough to me, so I wish Shudall and VEN all the success they can get.

Take a listen to ‘Sorry’ down below. VEN is set for a May 28th release.