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(Credit: Ty Segall)


Ty Segall announces 'Whirlybird' soundtrack with release of new song


Californian multi-instrumentalist and producer Ty Segall has announced his latest album release which served as the soundtrack for Whirlybird. The award-winning documentary production premiered two years ago at the 2020 Sundance Film Festival. The announcement of the album has been complemented with the release of the single from the album ‘Story of the Century’. The full album is set for its release on February 22nd, 2022 via ‘Drag City’ records.

The 103-minute documentary film follows the exploits of Zoey Tur and former partner Marika Gerrard, who, together, founded the Los Angeles News Service. The footage follows their famous capture of historical events from the sky, such as the 1992 riots and OJ Simpson’s famous low-speed car chase in 1994, all shot from their pioneering news helicopter.

The soundtrack marks Segall’s first film score and it features a collaboration with ‘Freedom Band’ bandmate Mikal Cronin on the track ‘Whirlybird’ as well as some further saxophone credits. The music created by Ty Segall perfectly meets the tone of the documentary, complimenting the drama of the scenes as they unravel. The film, directed by Matt Yoka effortlessly presents the ups and downs of the married couple as they wrestle with the struggles of an intertwined professional and personal life, all the while capturing some of history’s most pivotal moments.

‘Story of the Century’, available for streaming below, is a propulsive track with heavy percussion that seems to give the documentary rhythm and is a fine example to show what’s in store for the remainder of the soundtrack, with a glimpse of the talent Segall hones to seamlessly cover a range of emotions. I certainly hope this is just the beginning of a long and prosperous involvement in film for the musician. He has also shown his keen interest in TV scores with the theme he composed for the Comedy Central series ‘Corporate’ and he doesn’t show signs of leaving it there.