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(Credit: Selbymay)


Tool drummer, Danny Carey, shouted homophobic slurs during alleged assault


Earlier this week, footage emerged that appeared to show Tool drummer, Danny Carey, assaulting a man at Kansas City Airport. The police have since revealed that he hurled homophobic slurs during the alleged attack. 

“[Carey] did intentionally cause … unlawful, offensive contact upon [name redacted] by yelling at the complainant, ‘You’re a fucking f****t’ repeatedly, and jabbed the complainant in the chest repeatedly,” the police report has stated.

The alleged attack on December 12th has also been deemed by the police as a direct attempt to inflict harm upon the victim, who is believed to be a security guard at the airport.

In the clip below, there appears to be a typical back and forth between Carey and the officers, as the musician looks genuinely shocked at his arrest. He tells the anonymous person filming to “videotape all of this”. 

The drummer is wearing a bright red Kansas City Chiefs shirt and repeatedly asks the officers, “Who did I assault?”. At one point, it sounds as if he’s tearing up, saying to the officers, “I just want to get the fuck out of here”.

The drummer is facing a charge of misdemeanour assault and a possible fine of $13,900. Carey was visiting his home state to perform with the University of Kansas’ band at their basketball game against rivals the University of Missouri. 

Tool are set to begin their 2022 tour of the US next month, so whether this investigation will disrupt their plans remains to be seen.