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(Credit: Nandhi Bushell)


Nandi Bushell shares her most complex cover yet, Tool's 'Forty Six & 2'

Internet sensation and child-prodigy drumming hero, Nandi Bushell has shared her most complex cover yet. The 11-year-old has shared a cover of Tool’s iconic track, ‘Forty Six & 2’.

Famously, the 1998 track references an idea conceived by philosopher Carl Jung, which was built upon by Drunvalo Melchizedek. It claims that it is possible to reach a higher state of evolution where the body would have two more than the normal 46 chromosomes and leave a human’s present state of disharmony.

The cover was shared on Sunday, December 12th to the drummer’s YouTube channel. It is the first time she’s shared a Tool cover in public. In the bio for the upload, Bushell explained that it is the “most challenging” cover she’s undertaken thus far in her career.

“(There are) lots and lots of complex timing changes and difficult patterns, it’s really fast in parts and it’s [a] really long song too,” she explained. “My Uncle Ema LOVES Tool, he has been playing me all their songs hoping I will cover one for a very long time.”

The internet is waiting for Tool to respond to the cover. The band’s own drumming hero, Danny Carey, is one of the most well-respected modern era, and it would be quite something for Bushell to receive his praise.

It’s been a huge 12 months for Bushell. She’s jammed and interviewed Arctic Monkeys drummer Matt Helders, as well as having a drum “battle” with Foo Fighters mastermind Dave Grohl, as well as joining the band on stage.

Bushell has taken the music world by storm this year. It isn’t just drummers she’s dazzled, either. Earlier this year, she collaborated with Rage Against The Machine’s Tom Morello, and his son Roman. The track ‘The Children Will Rise Up!’ featured takes from Jack Black and climate activist Greta Thunberg.

Watch Bushell’s cover of ‘Forty Six & 2’ below.