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(Credit: Selbymay)


Tool drummer Danny Carey reportedly arrested for airport assault


Tool drummer Danny Carey was allegedly arrested this past Sunday night for an apparent assault that took place at an airport in Kansas City, Missouri. The altercation took place in the airport’s terminal, according to TMZ.

Carey, who is a native of Kansas, was in town to attend a University of Kansas basketball game. Carey grew up in the college town and played drums with the university band during the game.

Carey is said to have been taken to a local police station where he was allegedly booked for misdemeanor assault charges. The drummer was released on bond, and the alleged actions have been relayed to local prosecutors. There are currently no official charges brought against Carey.

The arrest comes just a few weeks before Tool are set to launch their 2022 tour for their most recent LP, Fear Inoculum. The album was released in 2019 and the band managed to stage a few concerts before Covid-19 came in and ruined those plans. It is unclear whether those plans will be affected by the potential charges brought against Carey.

What started the apparent altercation is currently unclear. Carey is listed as 6’5″ and certainly wouldn’t be anyone I would want to pick a fight with. Maybe there was an errant comment that the tabla isn’t as cool as he thought. Whatever the case may be, neither the tool camp nor Carey have released a public comment yet, so the only logical explanation was that the fight was started over who did a better version of ’46 and 2′: him or Nandi Bushell.