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Thom Yorke’s son, Noah, releases his debut single


Noah Yorke, the son of the legendary Radiohead frontman Thom Yorke, has released his debut single. Many people have been quick to point out the similarities to his father’s work. 

Thom Yorke’s Radiohead bandmate Jonny Greenwood was the first to share the track on his Twitter page, writing: “Cor, what a glorious piece of music — today was the first time I heard it, and I’m so impressed. Nice work, Noah.”

Perhaps trying to avoid the stigma of inevitable cynics calling nepotism, Noah Yorke has previously released music under the names Alec Owen and L.E.A.T.H.A.L, but this is the first time he has stuck to his given name for a release. 

The track in question is called ‘Trying too Hard (Lullaby)’ and it appears to be a standalone single at present with no album or follow-up currently announced. 

However, all that may change in the current weeks as the track continues to draw praise, particularly from Radiohead fans who have touted the track for its In Rainbows era beauty. 

With his father’s band also set to release the bumper rarities double album Kid A Mnesia in November, it’s an exciting time for the realm of the Radiohead sound.

You can check out Noah Yorke’s debut single ‘Trying too Hard (Lullaby)’ below.