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Credit: Press


The Strokes announce New Year's Eve show in New York


The Strokes are about as close as New York has to music royalty. Since Lou Reed shuffled off this mortal coil, and with all due respect to Patti Smith and Public Enemy’s Chuck D, there is arguably no one more identifiable with the hip urban coolness of NYC than Julian Casablancas and his cast of eternally cool looking bandmates.

Even though they are Manhattanites, the band will be taking their iconic five-borough wide appeal across the bridge to Brooklyn to celebrate New Years Eve 2021.

Just like they did in the before times of 2019, The Strokes will be playing the Barclays Center in Brooklyn, New York, as the final minutes of 2021 turn over into the bright new days of 2022. Supporting the band in the celebrations will be Far Out favourites IDLES and Spanish indie rockers Hinds.

2019’s New Year’s Eve show is a fascinating rewatch if you mosey on over to YouTube (or just check the link down below). The show was an early showcase for the band’s new song ‘The Adults Are Talking’ off the at that point soon to be released The New Abnormal. The band also played ‘Ode to the Mets’ live for the first time at that show. It was set to kick off a live comeback for the band, but Covid killed that trek quickly. Instead, the band released The New Abnormal in April to critical acclaim and widespread acceptance that The Strokes were back, baby!

Who knows what this new end of the year blowout will be like. Will we potentially get another new song debut? Could The Strokes possibly be working on new material this soon after The New Abnormal? It seems like the band are set to settle into a new groove of producing some new music once every five to ten years, so I wouldn’t count on it. But hey, even if it’s just a hit parade, that would still be fun as hell.

Tickets for the Barclays Center New Years Eve show go on sale this Friday.