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Credit: Alex Lake


The Smile release new stop-motion video for 'Thin Thing'


Radiohead offshoot The Smile are just a few days away from dropping their debut LP, A Light for Attracting Attention. We’ve already had quite a few singles to preview what the album will sound like, from the surprise drop of ‘You Will Never Work in Television Again’ to the recent release of the song ‘Free in the Knowledge’.

The band’s latest release has been the track ‘Thin Thing’, the wonky and rhythm-heavy song that recalls Radiohead’s The King of Limbs, all the way down to Tom Skinner’s skittering drum patterns and Thom Yorke’s heavy use of falsetto. The mind-bending and slightly abrasive tune now has a new music video directed by Cristóbal León and Joaquín Cociña in what is likely to be the final preview of A Light for Attracting Attention before its release on Friday.

“Hearing the song for the first time, we imagined a frenetic fluid that carries machines, pieces of human bodies and carnivorous plants,” the directing pair share in a statement. “When presenting the idea to the band, Thom told us about a dream that made him write the song. We believe the video is the conjunction of these two things.”

Featuring stark black and white imagery that recalls the early film work of cinema legends like Georges Méliès and Louis Le Prince, the video for ‘Thin Thing’ also has a distinctive edge that incorporates elements of body horror that wouldn’t feel out of place in a David Cronenberg film. At once highly imaginative and slightly off-putting, the video for ‘Thin Thing’ is a strangely captivating final taste of what’s to come from The Smile.

Like almost all of The Smile’s material, ‘Thin Thing’ merges the experimental drive of Skinner’s jazzy day job in Sons of Kemet with the guitar-focused foundation of early Radiohead. Atmospherics and atypical tones are always a given, but there is still room for riffs and power chords when the time is right. The Smile are more than just a Radiohead side-project, and ‘Thin Thing’ helps give the band a distinctive sound apart from the more famous projects of the band’s members.

Check out the video for ‘Thin Thing’ down below. A Light for Attracting Attention is set to drop on May 13th.