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The Parrots and Hinds share a video

Move over Disney Land, Spain is now the funnest place on earth. Well, according to this double video it is. Friends and compatriots The Parrots and Hinds are not only two of the best bands in Spain right now, they also know how to have a party. Something which we see a lot of in this video double header.

Focusing on The Parrots garage rock tune ‘All My Loving’ and Hinds’ ‘Davey Crockett’ cover the two bands share performing rights and deliver fun and frolics in equal measure. With all the slow motion screaming and shouting you’d think you were at an American Pie reunion. Expect cigs, gold glitter and staying up really, really late.

Contrite? A little. But nevertheless the bands do show what they are good at and that is showing us all how to have a good time. Come party – don’t be a pussy.