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Album of the Week: The Parrots - Weed For The Parrots EP

Artist: The Parrots
Album: Weed For The Parrots
Label: Picadilly Records / Luv Luv Luv
For fans of: The Growlers, Black Lips, Hinds
Standout tracks: Terror, To The People Who Showed Me Love While I Was Here
Rating: ★★★★☆

If you ever wanted to know what the sordid, gun-slinging dreams of young men sounded like then you needn’t look any further than Weed For The Parrots the incredible EP from, yep you guessed it, those bong water guzzling miscreants from Madrid; The Parrots.

The music is not only easy to digest in its tapas sharing plate style but it’s infectious (like my local tapas place coincidentally), it rings of pop sensibilities whilst maintaining the unhinged and rambunctious fuzz that we all fell in love with when first hearing The Parrots. They have created an EP for people to aspire to – they sound like we wish we had lived.

First track ‘Terror’ is a fury of fun and frenzied guitars, it rattles your brain and moves your hand close to the trigger. It distinctly reminds me of a Tarantino movie, if he ever made a spaghetti western, with its recklessness and carefree nuances, its sheer abandonment makes it the stand out track for me.

‘White Fang’ takes a more gentle approach to achieve the same annihilation, gently coasting across the beach in the summer’s most orange sky, slamming on the brakes for the offy and carrying on your way to the sweet defeat of a Hollywood shoot-out.

‘To The People Who Showed Me Their Love While I Was Here’ is a defiant track about living life to the fullest and being proud of that fact, its simplicity is instantly gratifying. ‘I’m Not Alone’ again runs along the same horse trodden path, sounding more at home in the saloon than the club the track blends pop, soul and surf to rival The Growlers for their dusty crown. Whilst the Almighty Defenders cover sees the band at their most bar-brawling and undeniably charged best.

As the intro for ‘Wild’ crackles the feeling that this band will quickly become a cult-classic and crowd favourite is easily apparent. They approach things with an a la mode attitude. Buckle up, enjoy the ride and don’t forget to smile for the camera.

The music is cultured in its simplicity but that takes nothing away from the sentiment of the band who are doing what every band wants to achieve: representing not only themselves but a generation of dreaming no-hopers looking for something to be a part of. The Parrots are getting a gang together and we wanna be a part of it.