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Hinds - Davey Crockett (Thee Headcoats Cover)


Haven’t you heard, Glastonbury proper starts today? In honour, we turn our attentions Hinds who not only take the lunchtime on the John Peel Stage but our coveted Track of the Day too.

A long time live show staple the cover of Thee Headcoats ‘Davey Crockett’ is manipulated in to a sun shining picture of lo-fi awesomeness. Released for Record Store Day 2015 as part of the ‘Hinds ♥ The Parrots’ collaboration between the two Spanish bands ‘Davey Crockett’ it jangles along its merry way, carefree and casual. It has the charm of a princess with the raggedy edge of a pauper.

Limited to 750 copies of the 7” the single were released via Burger Records in the US and Lucky Number Music in Europe.

Sounding decisively indie it reeks of the fun and frivolity Hinds have become synonymous with. Dabbling between a punk edge and 60’s garage themes it delivers what we all need so close to the weekend: the promise of debauchery and the guarantee of good times

Jack Whatley