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The Lounge Society drop the hazy single 'Upheaval'

The Lounge Society - 'Upheaval'

Hebden Bridge band The Lounge Society have returned with the hazy new single ‘Upheaval’. An acoustic-guitar driven number, it draws on some of the best to do it, with flecks of Kurt Vile, Alex G, East Village and even The Byrds flowing through its veins. The latest offering from their upcoming debut album Tired Of Liberty, it is a sign of the great things to come for the band, who are undoubtedly one of the hottest prospects the country currently has to offer.

The Lounge Society are also quickly rising to become one of the most intriguing names that are affiliated with the creative powerhouse, independent label Speedy Wunderground, who are behind Tired Of Liberty, which is set to drop on August 26th.

“‘Upheaval’ has a calmer atmosphere than anything we’ve done before and looking back on the album as a whole, it may in fact be one of the most important tracks on there,” The Lounge Society explained in a short statement.

They continued:“In the studio Dan [Carey, producer] really helped us bring a certain vintage feel to life – with deep textured acoustic guitars, heavily impacted by the ambient room mixing we focused on in the closing stages of the album.”

Concluding: “This song, more than anything else we’ve ever done, feels like us together as four mates playing a song that we love.”

‘Upheaval’ follows from The Lounge Society’s most recent releases ‘Blood Money’ and ‘No Driver’, with the band gearing up to hit the road in the coming months. Do not miss them, as they’re about to blow up.

Tired Of Liberty tracklist:

  1. ‘People Are Scary’
  2. ‘Blood Money’
  3. ‘No Driver’
  4. ‘Beneath The Screen’
  5. ‘North Is Your Heart’
  6. ‘Last Breath’
  7. ‘Remains’
  8. ‘Boredom Is A Drug’
  9. ‘It’s Just A Ride’
  10. ‘Upheaval’
  11. ‘Generation Game’

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