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The Lazy Eyes share new single 'Nobody Taught Me'


Australian indie pop band The Lazy Eyes have released the newest single from their upcoming second EP, the languid and lush ‘Nobody Taught Me’.

A blissful and melancholic ode to growing up, the breathy tenor vocals and psychedelic swirl of synths are sure to bring comparisons to another Aussie act: Tame Impala. Thankfully, The Lazy Eyes have a wide enough indie rock palate that they won’t have to stomach those similarities for too long, drifting through dream-pop, harder-edged alternative and even piano balladry at their own pace.

“When I was younger, I would visit my grandparents who live in England every few years,” frontman Harvey Geraghty explains. “On this one trip, I became friends with the kids who lived on my grandparents’ street. We would meet up everyday and do things that kids do like run around, have a hit with a tennis ball, play hide and seek, you know. Then the next time I went to England, I was so excited to catch up and play with them again only to find out that they had all left and moved houses. It was pretty sad but I still had a nice trip hanging out with my grandparents (who cameo in the music video). ‘Nobody Taught Me’ encapsulates the good and the sad times experienced in England, from the excitement of playing on that street to the heartbreak of being left alone.”

The foursome from down under have been blazing through the Australian indie rock scene for a few years now. You know the story: a couple of friends form a band in high school, get some local buzz, and continue to grow bigger and bigger. It’s all very heartwarming pish. Credit where credit is due, though, it’s not an easy task to maintain momentum, much less grow your audience, during a time where it’s impossible to play live shows, but The Lazy Eyes are managing to not only survive but thrive in a lockdown-laden time.

Check out the video for ‘Nobody Taught Me’ down below.