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Credit: Crowded House


Tame Impala remix new Crowded House song 'To The Island'


Aussies ride together. Kevin Parker, the enigmatic Tame Impala mastermind, has reworked fellow Australian national treasures Crowded House’s song ‘To The Island’, the second single off their upcoming reunion album Dreamers Are Waiting.

Crowded House have recently returned from a nearly decade-long hiatus, although the band now is mostly an excuse for frontman Neil Finn to include his sons Liam and Elroy in the group. Original bassist Nick Seymour is still involved, as is producer Mitchell Froom, who helmed the band’s first three albums and now is a full-fledged member of the group. Three-fifths of a reunion is still technically a reunion.

Finn has been busy outside the group as well, having become a permanent member (or at least as permanent as anyone can be) in the newest version of Fleetwood Mac. Each time Lindsey Buckingham has quit/been fired/left in some acrimonious fashion, the band has replaced him with two different guitarists. This time, Finn plays the vocal role while former Tom Petty & the Heartbreaker’s guitarist Mike Campbell handles most of the six-string work. They sound… fine. Really, it’s cooler to hear Finn team up with Kevin Parker than harmonize with Stevie Nicks.

Parker meanwhile answers the eternal question: “What if the band that put out ‘Don’t Dream It’s Over’ did mushrooms?” The original track’s shuffle beat is discarded for Indian percussion, and the vocals are pitch-shifted into a higher, headier octave. It’s a playful collaboration that benefits Crowded House by updating their earnest sound for something a little more detached and spacey. Kevin Parker, meanwhile, gets to continue his slow takeover of all music. Win-win all around.

Check out the appropriately trippy video for the ‘To The Island’ remix down below. Dreamers Are Waiting is set for a June 4th release.