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(Credit: KVB)


The KVB - Again & Again

The KVB, not to be confused with the Russian clandestine killers the KGB, have released ‘Minus One’ the group’s third official album. Created over a five day period in 2011, the record has been put out on A Recordings, the label owned by Brian Jonestown Massacre’s Anton Newcomb, as the London low velocity high feedback audio/visual pair prepares to depart for Australia in support of the mad-cap American psychedelic connoisseurs this December.

If you’ve listened to much of the KVB before, then you may remember they merge the dystopian sounds of groups like HTRK with the wickedly disturbed vibes of krautrocker’s Neu! at the their most perverted (think super 16), often intertwining mechanical repetition, simplistic baselines and ear drum demolishing feedback with warped synth sojourns that manage to musically map the subconscious minds of nature’s most depraved individuals whilst, paradoxically, maintaining some kind of transcendental air apparent in Brian Eno’s more ambient numbers and tracks like Cheree by New York synth mystics Suicide. As I say, you may remember listening because a heavy dose of KVB can be the musical equivalent to over indulging in band soporific substances… a hazy, and at times partially scary, dream.

Today’s Track of the Day, ‘Again and Again’, is no different. Bearing all the magnificent morose trademarks of Joy Division’s Heart And Soul the KVB have crafted a superb tune that could quite easily be a lost Factory Records tape, and I wouldn’t be surprised if they had that in mind in its production.

Supporting LOOP at UK venues earlier in December, getting to watch The KVB would be a selfish, peculiar but fantastic early Christmas present.

Joshua Hevicon