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(Credit: The Killers)


The Killers share electrifying new single 'Fire In Bone'

The Killers have just shared their electrifying new single, ‘Fire In Bone’, which is taken from their upcoming sixth studio album Imploding The Mirage.

‘Fire In Bone’ is the second single taken from the record following the release of ‘Caution’ last month which was recorded in Utah which is the spiritual home of the band.

Talking to NME last year, Brandon Flowers said: “We’ve been in Utah doing it, that’s where I fell in love with music for the first time; so it’s interesting to be there again and hear some of that music with the geography matching the sensation. Some of that stuff is starting to resurface and a lot of that had to do with synthesizer music. It’s always been part of our DNA but it’s definitely creeping up.”

Flowers has also been speaking about the difficulty surrounding separating Morrissey’s art from the artist: “I don’t think Marr should be held back because of Morrissey, so I don’t regret it.” Flowers said in a new interview with The Sunday Times. “It is difficult to separate it from him, and I’m not going around playing the music in front of my kids.”

He continued: “Pick a song! Pick ‘What She Said’. If ‘What She Said’ came on the radio with my kids, I wouldn’t change it. It’s still an amazing song, so I’m not that serious, where I would change the station. I don’t agree with him, but I’m not going to burn my CDs by the Smiths or anything.”

Listen to ‘Fire In Bone’, below.