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(Credit: The Killers)


The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers discusses Morrissey and the topic of 'separating art from the artist'

The Killers frontman Brandon Flowers has been discussing the much-debated topic of ‘separating the art from the artist’ in a conversation centred around Morrissey’s problematic political stance.

During his band’s headline performance on Glastonbury’s Pyramid Stage last year, The Killer’s famously performed a rousing rendition of ‘This Charming Man’ which included a cameo from the great Johnny Marr. Flowers, when asked if he thought collaboration could have been controversial due to Marr’s former bandmate’s outspoken political statements, quite rightly rebutted the topic.

“I don’t think Marr should be held back because of Morrissey, so I don’t regret it.” Flowers said in a new interview with The Sunday Times. “It is difficult to separate it from him, and I’m not going around playing the music in front of my kids.”

He continued: “Pick a song! Pick ‘What She Said’. If ‘What She Said’ came on the radio with my kids, I wouldn’t change it. It’s still an amazing song, so I’m not that serious, where I would change the station. I don’t agree with him, but I’m not going to burn my CDs by the Smiths or anything.”

In other related The Killers news, the band were recently forced to cancel their upcoming UK stadium tour amid the global health pandemic, the dates were due to begin in Norwich on June 1st, will not go ahead. “We’ve been thinking about this for over a year and all of a sudden we’ve had to slam on the brakes,” Vannuci said as part of a post on Instagram live. “It’s definitely postponed, not a cancellation kind of ordeal.”

He added: “We were very early to get the next available dates for next year, we’ve got, I think it’s called a first hold on a lot of things. We say this coming early, or rather our agent Kirk Sommer, who’s a special person in our lives, saw this coming and hopefully we’ll get the jump on it.”