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The Horrors make a triumphant return with new song 'Lout'

The Horrors - 'Lout'

The Horrors have returned to their heavy roots on their brand new single, ‘Lout’.

It’s been almost four years since the Faris Badwan led-band released their last album, V, which was a dreamy trip that was a world away from the fiery industrial sound of ‘Lout’. The new single is unlike anything that The Horrors have done sonically before, but the track’s energy does share the same animalistic nature that bleeds out of their 2007 debut, Strange House. Since that album, The Horrors have shifted into a world of psychedelia and shoegaze, but ‘Lout’ offers a pertinent reminder that they still have that combative side to them.

“‘Lout’ is about the relationship between choice and chance, compulsive risk-taking and pushing your luck,” said frontman Faris Badwan. “As a band, particularly live, we’ve always had an aggressive side and as we began writing new songs it became clear that we were heading in that direction.”

Bassist Rhys Webb added: “It’s the nastiest music we’ve made since [2007 debut] Strange House. An intense barrage of industrial noise. A return to the spirit and attitude of our debut LP but blasted into the future. With so many platforms now lost, the pressure to deliver a single for radio or to get on TV just doesn’t exist any more and is probably all the better for it.

“The only thing we need to worry about is making the most exciting new music we can. We’re lucky enough to have been together for 15 years and to be working on our sixth studio LP,” Webb said. “It seemed like the perfect time to go in guns blazing, no holds barred full on Horrors, the way it should always be,” he added.

‘Lout’ is the title track from a forthcoming EP, out on March 12th via Caroline International. The band recorded it remotely over lockdown as well as self-producing it.

This return is The Horrors unleashed. They don’t need to worry about radio dictating their sound anymore, and the EP allows them to explore a sound that they have let the dust settle on. Thankfully there are no signs of mould on ‘Lout’, which still carries that incandescent feel that their debut had all-those years ago.