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The Horrors release uncomfortable new video for 'Ghost'


After releasing their fifth studio album V recently, The Horrors are still giving us some reasons to pay attention to the band, even if it is extremely uncomfortable viewing. The band have released a new video for one of the album tracks ‘Ghost’.

The track itself is a suffocating sound created to intensely engage with the listener. The band and the director group in/out who worked together on the video have produced something equally as gripping for the monochrome affair.

The Horrors said to DIY “We wanted a video that represented the song visually and encapsulated the ambiguity of the lyrics. We felt that in/out perfectly captured the tense feeling of the track and created one of our favourite videos to date.”

in/out had this to say “The Horrors’ brief talked of madness and redemption; disguises and hidden worlds; and a feeling of being swept away.

“Thermal imagery helped us represent the body at an unsettling crossroads between the familiar and the unknown. Penetrating beneath the skin, it serves as a reminder of the fragility below.”

Take a look below.