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The film that includes Robert Pattinson's favourite dialogue


Everybody seems to be ranting and raving about The Batman, which is Robert Pattinson’s newest acting masterpiece, as it were. The film is considered to be brutal, dark, and it shows off his acting chops in a way that Twi-hards can only dream of.

However, for those who know the now-indie-darling’s career well, there’s another film that also hits the same criteria, and it came out back in 2017. Directed by the Safdie brothers (of Uncut Gems fame), Good Time is one of Pattinson’s best and most intense performances, and it undoubtedly holds up over time.

Although so many people uphold Uncut Gems as the masterpiece it arguably is, there’s a grit and grip to Good Time that Pattinson does so well, and what’s more, it’s actually one of his favourite performances, too. Specifically, this is the film that allowed Pattinson to perform his favourite dialogue.

Of the unique script, Pattinson says: “Well, there’s two lines in it which are probably my two favorite lines I think I’ve ever said in a movie which is the one when I was saying to Taliah, ‘Don’t be confused. It’s just gonna make it worse for me.’ I don’t know anyone else, apart from Josh, who would ever come up with that line.”

He goes on to reveal another favourite line of his, saying, “And then the line, I’m talking about the kind of metaphysical connection with Taliah, and at the end of it, it just undercuts it, saying, ‘All right, I’m just gonna go take a shit in that guy’s house.’ It’s just a very, very specific feeling.”

Pattinson doesn’t just show that he has the range, but he also shows how much he loves to play with it, because, boy are these lines different from one another. The first cuts deep into his character in the film, saying so much more than the words themselves, but the latter doesn’t offer comic relief exactly, but it certainly gives way to a flippancy that can be difficult to pull off, especially in a movie like that one.

Another point to consider about the script, the film itself, and the direction, is the specific accent Pattinson had to pick up for the role. The movie takes place throughout New York, and specifically Queens and Long Island. That accent is an extremely specific and distinct accent, and especially for someone who is British, perfecting that can be a serious development in skill.

Additionally, being able to deliver that dialogue in that accent probably made it a lot more fun for the actor, who has no doubt had a chance to perfect a lot of different accents in his time. The Safdie brothers always deliver on placing dialogue in interesting configurations, and Good Time is absolutely an example of that.

If you want to check out one of the films Robert Pattinson had a great time working on, you should give Good Time a watch.