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The Creases Let Loose New Track 'Point'


If you needed a shinier reason to make today happen then please place your ears amongst the dreamy pop of The Creases. We gave you a little taste of the Aussie outfit on our recent Valentine’s Day bonanza. ‘Point’ is their latest single and they’re still up to no good with your girlfriend… probably.

The Creases are masters of indie-pop they ladle heaps of guitar hooks on top of sweet vocal lines and dreamy love songs but they manage to do it with reputation intact. The Brisbane quartet have a lot to build on following their brilliant 2014 which saw them announced on to the public stage.

But with nostalgia coursing through their veins as the songs take on an adolescent charm the band could easily woo us all.

‘Point’ demonstrates this with aplomb using the newly found synth to add a sugary depth to their sound and perhaps notoriety, the band could yet make this year their best yet.