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The Creases - I Won't Wait

With a hint of spring currently fleeting across the horizon, with pub gardens beckoning and the unstoppable disappointment of a rain filled summer looming, we thought it best to keep you nice and relaxed with a haze filled trip down the beach with Brisbane band The Creases and their track I Won’t Wait. It’s indie charm and childlike delivery coupled with a sunshining day have made it our Track Of The Day.

Over in Austin, Texas right now the musical world are gearing up to name you ‘10,15,20 greatest new bands to come out of SXSW ever!!!’ as the South By South West festival clicks into full swing we thought we would take a look at one of our favourite bands playing those dusty deserts. Brisbane born The Creases formed of Joe, Jarrod, Aimon and Gabe are most fervently one of those favourites.

Flaking indie credentials away in the afternoon sun these boys have a slightly more angular approach to their lo-fi appointments. Maintaining a laid-back, sun drenched and hazy vibe whilst still seeming art driven and potently melodic. Taking clear inspiration from UK indie this track s far from the pseudo-psyche filtering through from Down Under.

I Won’t Wait is a clear indication of a fantastic Summer ahead for The Creases, they easily meander through the stoner rock genre, past the haze filled indie, around the arthouse stylings and end up with not only a classic track but a clear competent aesthetic. But enough of the technicalities for now, just sit back, drink a beer and enjoy.


Jack Whatley