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The Coral release remastered 20th anniversary version of ‘Dreaming of You’


Has there been a more iconic bassline in indie? A few seconds into ‘Dreaming of You’ by The Coral and indie disco memories come flooding back quicker than the racetrack rabbit and the boon of the bouncing track remains as fresh as ever. 

Now, however, it has been freshened up even further as a new remastering to celebrate 20 years of the classic tune has offered a dash of lemon the original mix and dished out a crisp new take. 

The band are also set to release an entirely remastered edition of their self-titled debut from the golden days of 2002 on March 4th via Run On Records.

Remarkably, the now-iconic single almost didn’t make the cut of the album as James Skelly revealed in a press release: “It was a song we hadn’t yet recorded during the main studio sessions, but when [producer Ian] Broudie heard it, he said it had to be on there.”

With that firmly decided by an older head, the young band “went back into the studio to get down this angular version that fitted the rest of the album.”

Skelly also revealed the influences behind the indie anthem. “I’d had the song since meeting [Shack founders] Mick and John Head for the first time, and they said they really liked our stuff.”

Concluding: “We sat and spoke about Love [the band], who we are massively influenced by, as he actually knew Arthur Lee a bit. I just went home from their praccy room, picked up my guitar and ‘Dreaming Of You’ came out of nowhere.”

You can check out the newly remastered track below.