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(Credit: The Chemical Brothers)


The Chemical Brothers release re-issue of 'Dig Your Own Hole'

The 1990s electronic duo The Chemical Brothers have just announced an expanded rendition of Dig Your Own Hole to celebrate the release of their second album. The record was released on April 7th and featured Oasis singer Noel Gallagher on ‘Setting Sun’. ‘Setting Sun’ was one of two singles to hit number one in the United Kingdom, the other being ‘Block Rockin’ Beats’.

As part of the expanded edition, the duo have issued a special, three-LP vinyl reissue, which will be available to the public from July 29th. Besides the original album, the re-issue will also boast five new tracks. The first track, ‘Elektrobank’, is already out.

Among the other songs, the album holds an unreleased recording of ‘Cylinders’, along with mixes of ‘It Doesn’t Matter’, ‘Where Do I Begin’ and an alternative rendition of ‘Don’t Stop The Rock’, now referred to as ‘I Love Tekno’. The additional tracks will be made available to the public in the coming weeks. The Chemical Brothers are also hard at work on what will be the first album since 2019’s No Geography. The band are set to perform in Cork, Ireland in June, before touring across the rest of Europe. The band will play in Edinburgh, Scotland, in August.

Chemical Brothers had an auspicious start in music, largely because of the diversity of their material. “We were putting together something that, in London, was quite new at the time,” remembered Ed Simons. “A lot of records we’d been playing in Manchester when we were students – you know, the second instrumental track on the B-side of a hip-hop single, mixed in with techno. Then, at the same time, we were making our own music, we were in the studio recording our debut album, we were pretty much doing a remix every week.”

Alongside Noel Gallagher, The Chemical Brothers have also worked with Beth Orton, Tim Burgess and Bernard Sumner, and tend to use a seminal vocalist on their new recordings. ‘No Geography’ was done with the US poet Michael Brownstein discussing the need for a lack of boundaries between nations, which was released in 2019.