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The Bluetones’ Mark Morriss responds to ex-wife’s abuse allegations in new statement


Mark Morriss of The Bluetones’ has issued a statement in response to the allegations of abuse made by his ex-wife, Anna Wharton. Last November, the revered newspaper executive accused Morriss of years of abuse, accusing the musicians of being a “pathological liar and serial predator” in a blog post titled If I’m Lying, Come Sue Me in which she also accused him of alleged gaslighting, cheating, and forcing her to terminate a pregnancy.

So far, Morriss has been unwilling to comment on the accusations. However, he did speak to The Guardian when the accusations were made, saying: “I may have been thoughtless and selfish in some of the dealings in my personal life of late, but these allegations of abuse and gaslighting are wholly untrue, and I refute them completely.”

Now, Morris has written a blog post of his own, in which he begins by apologising “for the pain I caused with my infidelity and dishonesty. I acknowledge that I have caused emotional distress to people I love. But I believe that this is a personal matter between me and those involved.”

In the statement, Morris goes on to explain how he and Wharton first met and how she became pregnant four months into their relationship. “I was excited at the prospect of becoming a father again,” he writes, “but I was also concerned about the length of time we had spent together and how little we knew each other. I did not ask Anna to have a termination.”

Morris then went on to detail the argument that Wharton alleges led to Morris physically abusing her. Describing a party the couple had in 2017 to celebrate their marriage, the musician writes: “It was supposed to be one of the happiest nights of our lives, but the celebrations were marred by Anna becoming upset that I’d allowed my ex-partner and mother of my son, access to the party so that she could collect him and take him home.”

“Two days later,” Morris continued, “she raged and screamed, telling me how worthless she thought I was,” starts Morriss before accusing Wharton of physical and verbal assault “both in our home and at public and social events at which there were witnesses. She spat and screamed in my face that I was a spineless, non-man, still governed by the whims of my ex. As she came towards me aggressively, I grabbed her with both hands by the neck to push her away from me. My hands were on her for about a second, and I stopped immediately but I already knew it was a second too long. I was filled with shame and remorse. I tried to apologise but it was too late.”

Morris has also alleged that, while moving out of their shared home, Wharton told him she would ‘go to the police and tell them you assaulted me if you take the bed.'” He has confirmed that he was questioned at Tonbridge Police Station and accepted a caution. He has denied Wharton’s allegation that he “throttled” her.

Wharton has since responded on Twitter, writing: “In terms of his counter claims. I don’t know where to start, except to say: They are not based in fact or truth. The events described did not happen. They are defamatory. I stand by everything I wrote in my original blog post.”