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Mark Morriss of The Bluetones accused of abuse by ex-wife


The Bluetones’ frontman Mark Morriss has been accused of abuse in a scathing blog post posted online by his ex-wife. 

The salacious post was provocatively titled ‘If I’m Lying, Come Sue Me’ and accused Morriss of being a “pathological liar and serial predator” detailing years of abuse that ran the course of their marriage. 

His ex-wife, a newspaper executive named Anna Wharton, wrote: “I have often talked on here, or on Twitter of my abusive ex-husband, though I have never named him. I am aware, it is not difficult to put us together though. But I have a particularly important reason for naming him now: to protect other women.”

Going on to say: “[Morriss] made up terrible things about me, telling his mum that I tricked him into pregnancy, telling others I was bipolar, that I was a liar so I would never be believed.”

She later added that he often cheated on her with fans of The Bluetones. “It was always fans. Women he met at gigs. He told them we had broken up. He told them this whole ‘she tricked me’ line to get sympathy. Or himpathy, a new word I learnt the other day. Six weeks after we got married he was in bed with another fan.”

This accusation was apparently ratified by an actual fan of The Bluetones who claimed to have had a sexual encounter with the singer without knowing he was currently married.

Later in her blog post, she discusses physical violence, writing: “He was finally cautioned by police for throttling me, only because I took a photo of the eight fingerprints around my neck – what a thing you should have to think of straight after an act of violence like that, but otherwise I would never have been believed.”

In the ensuing backlash, Catherine Anne Davies, who works with Morriss in the side project The Helicopter of the Holy Ghost, withdrew from her involvement. She posted the following statement on Facebook: “Following the revelations about Mark Morriss that have been published today, I will be having no further involvement with the collaborative project The Helicopter of The Holy Ghost going forwards. Solidarity with all the women coming forwards. Believe women.”

NME have since contacted Morriss who gave the following response to the publication: “I completely refute all the allegations of abuse which have been raised in this article,” and stated that he did not wish to comment further on the matter.

More details are expected on this case in the coming weeks.