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(Credit: Joshua Black Wilkins)


The Black Keys share new single 'It Ain't Over'

The Black Keys - 'It Ain't Over'

American blues-rockers The Black Keys have dropped the latest single from their upcoming 11th studio album Dropout Boogie, the smooth and funktastic ‘It Ain’t Over’.

Taking a break from the souped-up and fuzzed-out riff rock that makes up most of their catalogue, ‘It Ain’t Over’ dives deeper into the southern soul influences that are just as important to The Black Keys as musicians as blues is. Greg Cartwright of Reigning Sound steps in to help flesh out the track, and his stripped-back aesthetic helps keep the track from going down some more cliched and predictable paths.

This is still a Black Keys song though: Auerbach’s guitar makes some scattered appearances, including on a laid back solo that plays right into the easy groove of the track. Some falsetto harmonies help elevate the chorus, paired with doubling from both guitar and a high synth that sounds like it comes straight out of a Dr. Dre Chronic-era album cut.

Remember the time when it seemed as though The Black Keys would never return? After the one-two punch of Brothers and El Camino in 2010 and 2011, respectively, the band floated into psychedelia with Turn Blue and proceeded to take the next half a decade off. For one of rock’s biggest acts to suddenly disappear was odd, but 2019 saw the group make a raw and ready return with Let’s Rock.

Since then, the train hasn’t stopped for The Black Keys. 2021 saw the release of Delta Kream, the band’s tenth studio album that also functioned as a tribute to hill country blues artists like Junior Kimbrough and R.L. Burnside. Almost exactly a year later, we’re getting a brand new set of originals with Dropout Boogie, just in time to celebrate the 20th anniversary of the band’s debut LP, The Big Come Up.

Check out the visualiser for ‘It Ain’t Over’ down below. Dropout Boogie is set for a May 13th release.