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(Credit: Frances Carter)


The Beths release thunderous new single ‘A Real Thing’

The Beths - ‘A Real Thing’

New Zealand pop-rock group The Beths have released a new fiery single entitled ‘A Real Thing’, marking their first new material since 2020.

The song shows the group taking a turn towards darker subject matter with lyrics addressing the bleak realities of political uncertainty and a bold, punchy, guitar-driven sound that shows newfound aggression – a far cry from the mellow surf-pop sound fans have grown used to. In the chorus, singer Liz Stokes sings: “Getting rhyme over reason / It’s a sinister silly season / But maybe we can end up meaning / A real thing”.

The new song has been released complete with a music video produced by the band’s longtime collaborators Annabel Kean and Callum Delvin (AKA Sports Team) with whom The Beths have recently worked on the concert film Auckland, New Zealand, 2020. The video for ‘A Real Thing’ is styled as a home video with scenes shot along the coast as they explore their homeland of New Zealand, with shots on the beach and out the window of a moving car triggering childhood nostalgia.

In a recent statement, Stokes likened ‘A Real Thing’ to “a kind of anxiety dream”, describing it as “a bit muddled, a bit frantic [and] a bit sinister”. She continued: “[This song] is what came out of my guitar in late 2020, post-NZ election.”

Adding: “I was limply reaching for optimism about the future, but was really just marinating in dread. In NZ people sometimes use tyres and cement to build retaining walls by the water, to try to stop the land being eroded away as the sea encroaches. It doesn’t really work.”

The band have teased that the song is “an exciting marker of more excellent work to come”. ‘A Real Thing’ comes as the first single since the group’s 2020 album Jump Rope Gazers. Due to the various drawbacks of the Covid-19 pandemic, the group are still yet to play 15 more dates in North America over the coming weeks in support of Jump Rope Gazers. From there, the group are set to play a run of shows in Australia before heading to the UK and Europe for a 24 show run.

Listen to The Beths’ ferocious, fantastic ‘A Real Thing’ below with the official video.